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by zone41

Question by David L: How long is red wine good for?
I got one of those wine stoppers that claims it makes an air tight seal. With this in use, how long will red wine be good for? Also, does this stopper thing work? Or is it just a gimick? I am not sure if it is that much better than just putting the cork back in?

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Answer by griffyn10941
Once you open the bottle air gets inside. A tight stopper will help, but depending on the wine will only prolong its life for a few days to a week. There is something called the vacuum sealer which is a two part system whereby you put the stopper in, attach the pump and remove much of the air. This will prolong it even more. If you have the money to go real high tec there is a setup that will seal the bottle and replace the air trapped inside with an inert gas. This will prolong the life considerably longer. My question is why you would want to save a wine for so long anyway. If you uncork today and cant finish, re stopper and finish tomorrow.

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