Question by This Gentile Supports Lieberman: How much do you estimate my bottle of bourbon is worth?
It’s a 750 mL bottle of JW Dant (not a common brand) bourbon that my family has kept for about thirty-five years now. How much do you think I can get for it on the market?

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Answer by Brian
Probably not a lot, but it depends on a lot of things.

JW Dant is a regional, mid-shelf bourbon put out by Heaven Hill, one of the big wigs of Kentucky Bourbon. The fact that it’s slightly uncommon might help a bit. If it’s a commemorative or anniversary bottle, that could increase the value a lot. If it’s in great shape, still sealed and with a level near the neck, that helps.

On the downside, there isn’t a huge collectible market for full bottles of whisky/bourbon, so you’re aiming at a small target with very specific tastes. Whisky collectors want unusual, low-production, high-end and/or old. If you have the standard line bottling, you have is somewhat uncommon, high volume, low to mid shelf and not that old. JWD is still produced and probably hasn’t changed their product much in the last 35+ years, so what you have might be exactly the same bourbon as you could find in a liquor store in Kentucky. Those 35 years don’t age the bourbon in the bottle, by the way.

If you’re looking to sell, you can put it on eBay as a collectible bottle and see where it goes.

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