Pair cheese with wine – Bordeaux Red Wine 1982 Chateau Saint-Andre Corbin St. Georges St Emilion from Yats Wine Cellars

The jury is out and here is the verdict of the tasting of the 1982 Chateau Saint-Andre Corbin St. Georges St Emilion from Yats Wine Cellars against these eight cheese:


Asiago (Young):  not bad but no major positive effects on cheese or on the wine; both retain its own personality and individuality, so no blood, match all even

:  Works well, weight match which is first condition of a good pairing, flavor and richness match also, finish balanced and harmonious.  This is a successful pairing.

Saint Paulin:  Works quite well, some synergy but probably better with a younger vintage with more body and fruit.

Gouda:  Not too bad but cheese is heavier than wine, flavors balance each other though.

Gruyere:  Weight matched nicely but cheese flavor overpowers wine, all cheese in the finish.  As a pairing, there is no synergy.

Raclette:  Works well but cheese heavier than the wine, finishes well and balanced

Provolone Canale Tonnalhe:  quite good but the flaky texture of cheese came across too much


Fontina:  Not bad, weight matches well but cheese made wine finish tart.

Yats also operates a fine-dining wine restaurant called Yats Restaruant and Wine Bar in Clark Philippines.  It is located inside the Mimosa Leisure Estate which also houses a 36-hole championship golf club called Mimosa Golf, as well as a casino.  Clark is packed with action, so wine shopping aside, there are other meaningful things to spend your time.  Yats Restaurant can cook up all sorts of gourmet meals.  The chef is from London and the maitre ‘d is from Holland.  This is certainly an international outfit. 

Wine Seminars have been conducted in the past and may be offered from time to time.  These seminars deal with intermediate to advanced subject matters that are aimed at providing useful and practical knowledge for the wine enthusiasts.  Topics are focused and treatment, in depth.  Most seminars include a guided tasting session after the lecture.  This adds “lab” experience to knowledge acquired.

 Public wine tastings are held from time to time in Clark and sometimes in Manila.  Tickets range from p500 to p1500 for these themed events that are professionally run –no wine merchants sponsorship, pushy salesmen or tacky banners to ruin the evening.  Each ticket contains a certain number of stubs that you can redeem for a tasting pour of a wine of your choice among those on a line-up.   Very often, the lineup contains wines that are quite old and expensive.  This makes YATS Wine Tasting events the most cost-effective venue to explore new options and expand our knowledge of wine through first-hand encounters.

Sister company Y A T S Restaurant and Wine Lounge is one of most wine-sensitive fine-dining establishments in Asia.  B Y O (Bring Your Own) Wine evenings occur regularly for wine enthusiasts to enjoy their recent finds over a gourmet meal specially crafted to be wine friendly.  The wine list of YATS Restaurant is equally impressive and satisfying to the hard-to-please.  Mark-up is small and that makes it the friendliest wine restaurant in Asia.


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