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Porto Empedocle, Sicily – Italy

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Porto Empedocles is an Italian city of 17,204 inhabitants of the province of Agrigento on the coast of the Strait of Sicily. The Strait of Sicily is the straitbetween Sicily and Tunisia. It is about 145 kilometres (90 mi) wide and divides the Tyrrhenian Sea and the western Mediterranean Sea from the eastern Mediterranean). The strait is known in French as “Channel of Cape Bon” or “Channel Kelibia,” referring respectively to the peninsula and the Tunisian cities that close the south bank of the canal.

Founded as a port area of the ancient Girgenti, Agrigento today, with the name of Marina di Girgenti, from the fifteenth century was famous for his trade of cereals.

Between 1549 and 1554 by order of the viceroy Vega the Tower del Caricatore del Girgenti was restored. This Tower was part of the warning system of coastal  towers of Sicily, built on the recommendation made by the Florentine architect Camillo Camillians order to defend businesses from the attacks of Saracen  pirates. Given its importance the Tower was always subject to significant restoration, the most important was perhaps the one promoted by the Emperor  Charles V, for which the tower is known locally as Charles Tower.

In 2003, the town changed its official denomination to Porto Empedocle Vigata, after the name of the fictional town where the popular novels by Andrea  Camilleri, famous Italian writer and native of Porto Empedocle, about detective Inspector Montalbano are placed.

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