Red wine has long been connected with numerous health and wellness benefits including the lowered risk of contracting heart diseases. Needless to say, researchers also emphasize the value of moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages. For them, it is okay to appreciate the pleasures of life like fine wine while keeping count of how many glasses one has drunk. As such, a lot of people are familiar with exactly what wine can offer them—probably even the advantage of preventing tooth decay.

This is what the findings of a particular study published in Food Chemistry say regarding red wine and tooth decay. A group of Italian researchers in Pavia University discovered that substances in red wine were effective in eradicating particular microbes that cause tooth decay—primarily the infamous Streptococcus mutans. Nevertheless, the researchers didn’t stop there since they also desired to know whether it is the red wine itself or the alcoholic substance that is doing the job of getting rid of microorganisms.

The answer is both. When the researchers removed the alcoholic compound from the red wine, they generated results that were rather similar. Particular flavonoid compounds in red wine prevent microbes from mixing with the saliva or sticking to the tooth enamel. It was an impressive discovery that red wine possessed twice the antibacterial punch in the form of the alcoholic substance and the flavonoid compounds in the red wine itself. Wine aficionados can drink to their heart’s desire—without forgetting moderation of course.

Exactly how much red wine need to you take then? Though the house is split between one glass per day and multiple servings, it may hinge on the kind of diet followed. For example, the French are recognized for having a high fat diet, but they continue to be resistant against heart ailments due to red wine. To be on the safe side, however, health specialists and Salem dental professionals suggest that you stick to a glass for the time being.

Obviously, you can’t get minors started on consuming red wine, but the cosmetic dentist Salem Oregon has to offer says that there are other means. The same flavonoid compounds in red wine can also be found in other sorts of foods like cocoa and apples. Even though they’re not yet qualified to consume red wine, let minors appreciate non-alcoholic foods rich in antibacterial compounds.

Suitable oral hygiene and a healthy diet comprise the teeth’s greatest defense against tooth decay and other dental concerns. Salem cosmetic dentistry experts advise people to follow a healthy and balanced way of life to maintain a healthy smile that they can show to their household and buddies. For kids, an apple a day will keep the doctor away. For grown-ups, perhaps one glass of red wine a day can do the same.

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