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It’s a gift giving holiday and you have a lot of out-of-town friends that enjoy a good alcoholic beverage, especially Scotch Whiskey. You drive to the nearest full service liquor store with your list and proceed to search for what you need to fill that list. The store does not send packages so you are off to your favorite discount store to buy sufficient wrap and mailing boxes safe and sturdy enough to hold the bottles. Taking the wrap and the boxes home you begin to wrap pack; stuff, and shake to be sure all the bottles are secure. The next trip is to the post office where the packages are weighed. You weighed them at home, but the post office scale shows more weight therefore, you have to pay more money than you thought. The packages are now on their way to hopefully arrive as complete as when you packed them.

What a hassle free time you could have had using online liquor store. With the online service a liquor gift, like the Scotch Whiskey, can be bought and sent with one easy click of a computer key.

The holidays usually bring both expected and unexpected guests. Is your liquor cabinet properly stocked? If not, then you are again driving to that nearest full service liquor store to buy what you need. With your list in hand you search for a shopping cart. You found one and now the aisle-to-aisle search begins. You have almost everything you want. You are not knowledgeable enough about liquor to know what to substitute the missing items with, so you go home with the thought of coming back another time. You stand in the check out line and pay for your purchases plus the state tax and the state liquor tax. A stock person is enlisted to take your purchases to your car and pack them in the trunk, this warrants a sufficient tip. You can now drive home with the hope the car is not jarred so the bottles will not break.


With the online liquor store you could have saved yourself a lot of frustration and time. With your list in hand you would just sit at your computer, review the available stock, place your order, pay for it with your credit card or debit card and your liquor shopping experience is over.

Using your computer to buy those liquor gifts and supplying your liquor cabinet is as easy as playing a computer game. If you are worried about the cost of shipping and handling think about what your gas cost going to and from that full service liquor store, the various taxes and the tip. You also thought about returning to get the items that were not available. Calculate these options together adding in the time spent shopping and you will find that the shipping and handling cost amounts are pretty much the same. Online liquor store shopping for a liquor gift, especially that favored Scotch Whiskey, is safer and easier.

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