In the summer, Wine Can only be air-conditioned room, Beverages It?
High temperature of 33 degrees Celsius under the drink taste of Spain Toro producing strong, Wine Up to 15% of the top fine Red wine With the hot summer around the same table to eat hot pot not seasonal. To eat drink readily, most need a really high-tonnage air conditioners. However, the most sensible, and more Environmental protection Carbon reduction method, and perhaps both of these high-alcohol red wine has strong all incorporated into cellars, in the fall before the arrival of the first summer thirst quenching drink wine now! Yes, thirst quenching, a long forgotten world of wine taste value, in our increasingly hot planet, perhaps winemakers and wine makers began to seriously consider with the response to this problem. Is full of strong wine autumn and winter, please give me cool little wine bar!

In my experience, there is no other wine than from the Mo Seer Creek (Mosel) of Riesling (Riesling) Spirit A more refreshing. However, please do not misunderstand, I’m not talking super-high concentration of TBA is not rare is botrytis grapes Auselese, but the most ordinary common, the price is also very plain in Kabinette. Scent of flowers and fruits aroma with mineral and green lemon calm, low alcohol, slightly sweet and delicious, accompanied by mouth drops to flow continuously to the strong acidity, no air conditioner in the summer to drink icy cold the cup, the most refreshing is fun, extremely refreshing, after a drink, it is difficult not drink several glasses. As it is now such a hot season, and that is worth more than the ice in the refrigerator several bottles of wine, while definitely not over the top wine cabinet.

Addition to German-style Riesling, were not sweet, not too much oak Barrel Taste, fresh acid, the young fresh dry white wine of choice is the same in summer. Royal River from Sancerre to New Zealand Marlborough (Marlborough) The Sauvignon (SauvignonBlanc); from Alsace (Alsace) to Australia ClareValley of Riesling; Burgundy’s Chablis (Chablis), northern Italy, gray skin Snow (PinotGriggio), Spain, Galicia (Galicia) in the RiasBaixas, Austria GrnerVeltiner even from the hot Andalusian, is very delicate and detailed Manzanilla sherry. These are the summer will allow me to look forward to the arrival of the charming summer wine quickly.

Course, not only was cool and refreshing white wine, pink wine and sparkling wine is the preferred summer. In recent years, not sweet pink wine popular in the world after the international market can choose the type of pink wine suddenly many more. Except for a few more pink wine producing areas of production such as Long Valley, Provence and Tavel, there is now even had disdain pink wine producing areas of production and the winery also began to launch an IPO, which also includes many top Bordeaux Chateau, shows that the market demand is great. More frustrating is that now the Taiwan market is still very few pink wine.

Unimaginable, drinking red wine for summer, in fact, like a lot, but, most of them are stretch top, at least, not in the price is. Top of the wine refreshing because in addition to less often a strong addition of alcohol, the more important to pay attention to taste top wines structure, they must be able to durable storage, usually contain more tannin, and when the wine’s temperature is too low when it will become more astringent tannins more difficult to import, loss of balance to the top of the wine. Although no matter what type of wine, proper drinking temperature is not the 20 , so the temperature in the summer it is drinking slightly in pleasant for a little cold, but really cool for summer, the drink of the wine it can be re- ice point that, to be able to drop 12 , and even directly from the refrigerator out, the same can be very soft and easy to read, and the wine to be bold to taste even at low temperatures are pleasant as can a pure heart, not completely closed.

This wine tannins are very small, only being able to cold and will not appear too thin and stuck into the top, therefore, also less durable, the best take advantage of the fresh sweet taste of youth, early taste, after bottling After five or six years have passed after the usually the best time.

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