When I first asked the question, What is Resveratrol I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s derived from the skin of a red wine grape. Surely this must just be another angle for red wine lovers around the world to justify their need to consume more of their favorite tipple. That may indeed be the case but now that a number of respected bio scientists and Oprah Winfrey are singing its praises I realized that there may be more to this interestingly named ‘health food’ than meets the eye.

After further investigation I discovered some interesting facts about the consumption of red wine that many of you may not realize. There have been a number of studies to support the theory that moderate consumption of wine cuts death rates by up to 40% per year. I’m sure if you’re a wine lover then you will have been well aware of these claims and happily recite them whenever your spouse questions your occasional over indulgence. Now that they have actually identified and named the component that plays a major part in this theory, it all starts to sound a lot more interesting.

Before you dash out to your local liquor store all this needs to be put into perspective. So far Resveratrol has only been successfully tested on rats, mice and other similar ‘non human’ type characters. I’m not sure how they actually tested the rats but part of me hopes they allowed them to sample at least a small glass of Cab Sav before they started dissecting them. Anyway, it appears that Resveratrol had the effects of lowering the blood sugar, removed brain plaque (don’t ask!), increased cardiovascular function and generally helped to increase their life span.

That’s all very well, I hear you ask, but does this mean that you can now continue to consume vast quantities of the red ‘falling over’ liquid and if challenged by any loved ones play the ‘medicinal purposes’ card? Well, you could always try, you do need to keep in mind though that whilst the Resveratrol component of your consumption may indeed prolong your life, give your more energy and keep your grey matter clear of tooth decay you will still need to survive the missiles and torrents of abuse from your ever loving spouse.

Hopefully this has provided you with a better understanding of how Resveratrol can improve your live (and relationships!), for those that need more to ‘quench their thirst’ this link will provide you with more handy information.

Being a lover of red wine myself I was keen to get a better understanding of exactly what the health benefits were of this popular drink. Although not a frequent watcher of Oprah I tripped over some information about the health benefits of grape skins and decided to find out for myself exactly what is Resveratrol? The information that I uncovered was, to be quite honest, fairly unbelievable! Surely something as simple as the skin on a grape could have all these incredible qualities but it appears they do. Regardless of your love of wine you should take time yourself to find out what is Resveratrol and test it to see if it’s as good as everyone is making out. For those of you thinking that you would rather just continue drinking more red wine you need to keep in mind that you would need to down around 1000 bottles per day for your body to get the same amount of Resveratrol that you would find in one capsule. So in the interests of your liver it might just be best to stick to the odd glass and grab yourself a bottle of Resveratrol capsules, I’m sure you’ll feel better for it!  

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