Question by bulpski: What should I pair with a Chianti?
My parents bought a nice looking Chianti for my sister for the hotel room after her wedding and expect me to complete the basket with fruits, cheeses and such, but I have no clue what pairs well with Chianti (other than perhaps Liver and Fava beans).

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Answer by Daze
Darn.. you stole my liver and fava beans joke! 😉

Seriously though…

You could go the fruit and cheese route if you wanted.

Wheat crackers, sesame crackers, watercress crackers… and so on. Any of the “good” (read: pricey) crackers you find in the specialty section of the market. (Not Cheeze-Its obviously)

Blue cheese (not the dip, but the cheese) , mild cheddar, gouda, brie… Those would pair well. But feel free to choose your own favorites.

Good fruit to choose would be red grapes (duh!), maybe some mixed dark berries too.

I’d say a proper mix of that stuff would make a fine basket.
But if your more interested in a meal, than of course red meat is the way to go. Preferably Prime Rib or a Porterhouse.

Ok… now I’m hungry!

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